Black Mudpuppy

Black Mudpuppy

The Comic

Black Mudpuppy is the story of Xolotl, the God of Fire and the Underworld in Aztec mythology. For the crime of Excessive Cruelty to Goats, Xolotl is banished into the body of an axolotl salamander for almost 500 years, at which point he is released under the condition that he has to do good deeds for mortals in order to earn back his full powers. He is not a very good hero.

The Creator

Ethan Kocak writes and draws Black Mudpuppy and has previously worked as a freelance artist and created the web cartoon The Darwin Finches. He also draws the science-themed Tetrapod Zoology Comic (which is written by paleontologist blogger Dr. Darren Naish).

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