Giant Girl Adventures

Giant Girl Adventures

The Comic

Some girls think they've seen it all — but then, they aren't Veronica Kane… or as she's better known around the world, Giant Girl.

Stuntwoman, secret agent, superheroine, archaeologist, demon hunter — Giant Girl wears many hats, though she tends to be identified by the bright red broad-brimmed slouch hat that she wears (and the revealing dress beneath it). In a world populated by exotic characters, she still manages to stand out — she's the lady in red, after all. A size-shifting siren, she can make herself or anything she touches grow or shrink on command, seemingly with no limits — she's been seen as big as the Eiffel Tower, and she's been as small as a grain of sand. Everything she says is translated into the listener's native language while she understands anything said to her, and she can read anything set before her. And let's not forget how unnaturally intuitive and lucky she tends to be.

Where did she get her amazing abilities? No one knows for sure, since whenever she is asked, she always says something different. She's hiding a secret… but then, aren't all women?

A world with a rich history of superheroics stretching back to the sixties, Giant Girl — Ronni to her friends — has rejected her status as a third generation superheroine and instead she travels the world in search of thrills, good times and a solid paycheck. While many of the heroic bent eschew such earthly rewards, that's not our Giant Girl. Handsome men, quality booze and a healthy bank balance are what she's all about.

Chasing after a good time with her around the globe and beyond is her best friend and sidekick, 64 Bit. Stanley Hope is a confident and easygoing gay man who watches Ronni's back and bails her out of trouble more often than not as they chase wild adventures and good times together. Often the voice of reason in the world of Giant Girl, his is the power to transform into any video game character he can recall, with the attendant powers and abilities of that form.

Of course, being who she is, Giant Girl has made (and continues to make) enemies — powerful enemies. From the alien Moai to Steampunk Rock and his army of steamtroopers to H.G. Wells and Thomas Edison to the mighty Badonkasaurus, her list of enemies continues to grow. It's a talent — she didn't even mean to make enemies like the White Rabbit, Pussycat Baby or The Egg, but yet they still dog her heels even as The Agency continues to try to manipulate her and draw her back into the fold to work for the shadowy organization once more.

And let's not even bring up The Commonwealth or the Awesomes…

A colorful world with colorful characters, Giant Girl's is a fun and mostly light-hearted tale that never takes itself too seriously and is always ready to make a wisecrack or a cheap joke. More of a cartoon than a deadly serious strip, Giant Girl is rated PG fun — an alternative to dark and gritty comics with a heroine who is a terrible role model, a sassy gay sidekick and a supporting cast that will leave you wanting more.

It's Giant Girl's world — we all just live in it.

The Creators

Sabrina Pandora is the writer, creator and creative director for Giant Girl. A comics fan from the time she could read, Sabrina always wanted to grow up to be a superhero. When those super powers failed to kick in, she decided on supervillainy, but the robot army prototype didn't work and none of the patents made her millions. Abandoning that, she ran a comic book store until she realized her true calling, and became a hairdresser with an active fantasy life. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her graphic designer wife, Wendie and their two dachshunds, Hansel and Gretel.

Koen Luyten is the penciller, inker and colorist on Giant Girl, and he is a man who lives and breathes art. A few exchanged e-mails and a transatlantic handshake got him drawing Giant Girl, and though he has regrets from time to time dealing with Sabrina and her endless "just one more thing" he's still here, and his style continually evolves as he gets better every day. A self-taught artist, he swears by his Wacom tablet. He lives in Wezemaal, Belgium with the exceptionally patient love of his life Lore, and their two delightful children, Mira and Kobe.

Wendie Goers is the graphic designer for Giant Girl. Logos, sound effects, panel restructuring, word balloons, page rebuilding — a mistress of Photoshop and Illustrator, she brings her twenty years of experience to the table to cram all of Sabrina's wordy dialogue into Koen's overcrowded panels, and makes it all look easy while making the book look polished and professional. She is Sabrina's long-suffering partner, also living in Dallas, Texas with their two dachshunds, Hansel and Gretel.