Underdogs is currently on hiatus.

The Comic

In a world were Capes and Cowls have been around for almost 100 years, super powers have become part of the social consciousness. Heroes and Villains alike straddle the line between myth and celebrity.

This is the life that Eric Snopes and Theodore Basque have been thrust into as they have been outed from their normal lives, two young men forced to band together in a new form of social experiment. Housed in a prototype structure called the "Schoolyard," meant to be a rehab for youths with powers. Now they are trapped with some of the best and worst of the next generation, and all the youthful angst that comes with them.

Place your bets, the odds are looking pretty bleak… they are the Underdogs.

The Creator

Tyler Hostettler (TKH) is an artist/story teller with educational background in Animation. He’s been writing stories and doodling since mornings in daycare. After college he started writing many of the projects his colleagues took on, long before deciding to try his own hand at taking up the art lead as well. He is trying to improve his craft constantly and now only occasionally makes glaring mistakes. Currently residing in the Chicagoland area and balancing a full-life schedule. He has been told he comes across as rather nice, and reads just as much as he writes.