3 Minute Max

3 Minute Max

The Comic

Heroes don’t die – unless that’s part of the job!

The Strike Gate (a secret, highly experimental teleportation device) kills whatever it teleports – unless they are already dead.

Max Reaper, former Army Ranger, has the unique ability to die for up to three minutes and still bring himself back to life. He alone can survive the Strike Gate and teleport into crisis situations.

Haunted by visions, protected by the ghost of a beautiful girl, Max has only three minutes to save the day before his death becomes permanent!

But the longer he stays dead, the weirder things start to become – and that’s not even counting his support team, which includes a scientific genius with a comic book fixation; his cute and brilliant cosplaying assistant; a battlefield surgeon who is also an industrial spy; a ghost rat; and the indulgent but manipulative industrialist whose dead daughter’s spirit has become Max’s guardian angel!

The Creators

3 Minute Max is co-created and produced by a father-son team. Bob Forward (the writer) has been working in the animation industry for about a zillion years, specializing in Boy’s Action cartoons. If it corrupted your childhood, worried your parents, and caused you to purchase potentially dangerous toys, he probably helped write it. Feeling frustrated by increasing FCC regulations against cartoon violence, he started his own small pyrotechnic effects company, Detonation Films, so he could blow things up for real. Somewhere in the midst of all this he acquired a son who could draw like crazy, namely Max Forward, who creates all the artwork for the comic when he’s not too busy doing commercial storyboards. Max indulges his father’s desire to create and insert “real” effects in the artwork, and somehow makes it all look stylistically coherent – no easy task, as he is fond of pointing out over their Sunday breakfast meetings. 3 Minute Max is their first project together, and so far it’s been an absolute blast – in more ways than one!

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