Adventures with Capt’n Heroic

Adventures with Capt'n Heroic

The Comic

Adventures with Capt’n Heroic follows the life of a super powered manchild as he tries to find his place in the world. Capt’n Heroic was accidentally sent to Earth to save Mankind from evil. Unfortunately, he is easily distracted by the simple things in life, like comic books, action figures and Play Doh.

To make things right, Jay, AKA Jesus, was sent to Earth to find Capt’n Heroic a mentor. Well, he found John McKnight, AKA the Silent Knight, AKA SideKick, who was a crime-fighting vigilante and billionaire living in Pearl City. Through an unfortunate sequence of events, John McKnight was left broke and had to move in with his older sister Patty. In order to continue fighting to keep Pearl City safe, John reluctantly teamed up with the childish Capt’n Heroic, and allowed Capt’n Heroic and Jay to live with him in his sister’s house… and thus their adventures begin.

The Creator

Jonathan Greer is a wannabe artist from North Carolina, who has been creating random stuff for fun all of his life. Sometimes it’s good, but most of the time it’s trash and he burns it in a fire pit (or the closest available trashcan). His only dream in life is to one day have his very own successful animated series. Hopefully, Adventures with Capt’n Heroic, his webcomic, will make that dream a reality, but if not, oh well, at least he tried… amiright? When he’s not drawing comics, he does all sorts of productive things, like playing video games (currently on Oculus Rift), playing with action figures, chatting about comics on Facebook (yes Facebook, he’s old), or studying the material of other successful creators via Netflix… with a mouth full of Dorito Nachos. (Yes, they are delicious… Just put cheese and chicken on a pan full of Doritos, bake at 450 for some amount of time… and dip in salsa&hellip seriously, try it!)

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