Delta Dawn

The Specialists

The Comic

Once upon a time Liza was the Paragon, the leader of the Alpha Force Defense Team and the most powerful woman in the world. Once she had kids, she decided to retire. It didn’t work out so well. After the events of Our Super Mom, Liza has come to terms with the fact that she’s still needed as a hero. With her kids now showing powers of their own, she came up with a plan. She made a deal with the Defense Force. She got to create the Defense Force Academy – a school for the gifted that can handle the special needs of children with powers. In exchange, the Defense Force got her back in her suit, protecting the Midwest and anywhere else they need her. They also gave her a new command with a new mission. She now has to train the rookie Delta Team, so that one day they can take her place. A school principal. A team leader. A coach. A mom. A force to be reckoned with. She is the Paragon.

The Creators

Scott Bachmann has written 4 graphic novels, 2 novels and lots of other stuff surrounding the world of Liza Lang, the Paragon. A life-long fan of comics and heroes, Scott never tires of writing about them. Delta Dawn is the latest story taking place in his interconnected world of stories.

William Grapes is the artist doing both pencils and inks. He’s done several indie books of his own, including his saga The FyreDragon. Will uses 3-D models and his amazing ability to draw faces to create a very realistic world that makes perspective and realism seem easy.

Nate Lovett supplies the colors. Nate is a professional artist working on several licensed animation property tie-ins like Paw Patrol. He’s started work on his own property for the first time, but we convinced him to take the time to color for us. Nate has also provided the cover to the first issue, which is the artwork you see here.

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