Grrl Power

Grrl Power

The Comic

Although super powered people exist in limited quantities, there are no superheroes. Outside of the odd case of vigilantism most everyone with powers gets scooped up by the military or the private sector and handsomely paid. Why risk getting shot at when you can smelt aluminum for seven figures??

The comic opens up with Sydney Scoville Jr., nerdy owner of a comic book store, who has, some would say, a unique way of interacting with the world. Everyone else would say she’s bonkers. She’s got something in that tube she always carries around and she’s on her way to the bank, where nothing important ever happens in comics like this…

Grrl Power is about an “eclectic” cast of superheroines on the world’s first superhero team. There are guys on the team too but it’s mostly about the girls. Humor, action and cheesecake abound. Mostly humor. Possibly ninjas.

The Creator

Dave Barrack’s secret superpower is crippling ADD, resulting in endlessly entertaining daydreams. He finally got off his butt and starting cataloging those daydreams in a sequential manner resulting in what you might call a “webcomic”. Influenced by both American superhero comics and manga, Dave’s style straddles the two, combining comic book physiques with the flexibility and humor of manga.

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