Legendary Woodsman

Legendary Woodsman

The Comic

Legendary Woodsman is the story of Gabby McTaggart, a seemingly normal girl who has a unique talent beyond her understanding. She is being mentored by the enigmatic Woodsman, a descendant of the first Woodman who saved Little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf. As Gabby receives her training, she’ll learn more about the fantastic mysteries of the world, the history of the long line of woodsmen as well as her own unique origins. Will she learn to wield her powers? Can she hold her own against the oncoming threats? Will she become the next Legendary Woodsman?

The Creator

Tony Esteves is the cartoonist of Legendary Woodsman. He resides in Edmonton, Alberta with his intelligent and beautiful wife where they watch blockbuster movies together, eat Rilakkuma shaped flapjacks and play LEGO video games on the Xbox. Tony had his webcomic start with Cigarro & Cerveja, a humour strip that ran from 1998 to 2008. Tony goes to a lot of effort growing the perfect amount of stubble that was made popular by “Sawyer” of the TV series Lost.

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