Super Skooled

Super Skooled

The Comic

Brad “All-Star” Jenkins is just your average teen going through normal growing pains: homework, increased appetite, and super strength. As a student at Hero High, Brad and his friends learn what it takes to become superheroes. But when he bumps into Dr. Draco, a student from a rival school that teaches supervillains, Brad’s world is turned upside down. Forming an uneasy partnership, Brad and Draco use their unique talents to help each other game the system. Come read Super Skooled and partake in the hijinx and hilarity that ensues. Packed with action, sarcasm, and a healthy dose of robots, this comic has everything you never knew you wanted in a webcomic!

The Creators

Super Skooled is made by best friends Taylor Gibson and Logan Schell. Taylor is a graphic designer from North Carolina who specializes in character design and Disney trivia. Logan is an English Instructor from South Carolina who specializes in tormenting Taylor and other tomfoolery. They both have a mutual love of cartoons, comics, and games, which they regularly rip-off for inspiration.

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