The Adventures of Gyno-Star


The Comic

The Adventures of Gyno-Star is a parody strip which pokes fun at the conventions of superhero comics, while also spoofing politics and society. It follows the exploits of Gyno-Star, a feminist superhero whose slogan is “fighting the forces of evil and male chauvinism.” Although the comic’s point-of-view is distinctly feminist, the strip is not so much ideological as it is satirical and irreverent. It’s an equal opportunity send-up.

The Creator

Rebecca Cohen is the writer and illustrator of The Adventures of Gyno-Star. Rebecca is also a freelance writer who is always looking for ways to make use of her very expensive dual master’s degrees in Cinema Studies and Education. She lives in Berkeley, CA where she spends most of her time drinking scotch, drawing funny pictures and correcting people’s grammar.

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