The Comic

The Vanguard were Britain’s premier meta-human task force, employed by the government to protect the country’s interests at home and abroad. What first appears to be a series of random terror attacks are revealed to be part of a larger scheme, one aimed at bringing the world to its knees. Unable to thwart the insidious plot, the team are murdered in a pitch battle in Downing Street.

Fifteen years later, in a broken Britain, a new band of new heroes arise, lead by Jordana Drake, the daughter of the former VANGUARD team leader. Can she free the country from the tyrannical government forces? Find out in the action packed adventure of VANGUARD.

The Creator

Dan Butcher has been making comics for over ten years and has worked on titles such as El Marvo, Comichaus, and Papercuts and Inkstains. He’s also a co-host on The Awesome Comics Podcast.

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