Miss Melee

Miss Melee

The Comic

Miss Melee is an ongoing, full-color superhero webcomic that follows its titular protagonist as she juggles her family, job, and superhero career. To the world she's ordinary wife, mother and secretary Janice Jones, but secretly, she's the butt-kicking martial arts master, Miss Melee! Returning to action after a lengthy hiatus, Miss Melee battles many colorful foes while trying her best to keep her identity a secret, even from her own family. Easier said than done, especially when her daughter is her #1 fan!

The Creators

Miss Melee is written by Rob Johnson and illustrated by Ariel Guadalupe. Rob currently resides in Durham, North Carolina, while Ariel lives in Monticello, New York. In their downtime, Rob is often seen watching/complaining about professional wrestling, Ariel doing the same but also for boxing and mixed martial arts.

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