The SuperFogeys

The SuperFogeys

The Comic

Where do old super folk go when it's time to get out of the game? To Valhalla – Home for the Supertired. Created in 2006, SuperFogeys? is a serial webcomic that features intrigue, romance, big things getting punched, and a flying pig that pees a sedative.

Your mom will LOVE it.

The Creators

Creator Brock Heasley wrote and drew The SuperFogeys as a solo act for the first 300 strips of the series. He also writes its spin-off series, SuperFogeys Origins. Brock created The SuperFogeys in order to save the world. Has the world ended? No? Then it's working. When not writing SF, Brock spends most of his time with his wife and three daughters and writing his memoirs. (For real.) Artist Marc Lapierre came on board in March 2011 with strip 301 and has been taking the story to new heights ever since. Marc has worked in the webcomics realm since 2001 with the debut of the now defunct family friendly webcomic, Boxcar Astronaut. In 2009, Marc granted the internet one of its crown jewels in his solo webcomic, Spooky Doofus, which features a motley crew of supernatural creatures and entities.